Forced-Air Blankets And Surgical Site Infections, Burns, And Failure

Hospitals have been using specialized medical devices known as “warming blankets” to combat hypothermia in patients during surgery since the 1980s – and patients are ending up with life-threatening infections as a result. If you’ve had surgery and a forced-air warming blanket was used, this is what you should know. What are medical forced-air warming blankets? There are several different varieties of warming blankets, but they are essentially disposable inflatable blankets that are filled by warm air which is forced into the blanket after passing through a 0.

Black Ice Awareness For Holiday Drivers

Are you going on a long road trip over the holidays? If so, you may encounter black ice at some point during your trip. Knowing what black ice is and how you can protect yourself from this deadly road hazard can help you stay safe this holiday season. What is black ice? Black ice is a type of ice that is completely smooth and contains no bubbles. Without bubbles, ice on the road often appears to be completely clear.

Tips For Determining If A Birth Injury Was Due To Negligence

Suffering an injury during or shortly after birth, whether to the mother or the infant, is both stressful and frightening. It can be even more disturbing if malpractice was at play. Not all cases of birth injury qualify for a malpractice suit. The following guide can help you determine if negligence and malpractice was at the root of your troubles. Was negligence involved? Malpractice can only occur if there was negligence on the part of a medical provider.

Workers' Compensation: Covered Or Not?

Workers’ comp is an important benefit available through your employer that will pay your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages if you qualify; however, sometimes workplace injuries and the availability of workers’ compensation coverage are not so obvious. For more information about situations that may fall into a gray area and whether you are covered or not, read on. You’re Covered If you are injured at a company sponsored event, such as the annual picnic at the lake or at an off-site Christmas party, you are likely covered.

Can Someone Else Be To Blame For Your Pregnancy?

It should be a joyous occasion to discover that you’re pregnant, but it can also be a devastating blow if you’re not in a position to properly birth, care for and raise a child. Especially if you have been depending on birth control or sterilization to keep from getting pregnant, the conception of a baby can be less than ideal. Wrongful pregnancy lawsuits are most often brought against medical practitioners who performed a sterilization on a man who went on to impregnate a woman or on a woman who became pregnant.

Should You Sign A Confidentiality Agreement When You Settle Your Personal Injury Case?

Are you close to the end of negotiations in your personal injury case? Are you hoping to settle without the additional expense, stress, and time of a trial? Good for you! However, be careful about the terms that you agree to in order to just get this claim settled, especially if the defendant suddenly wants you to sign a confidentiality agreement. There are two good reasons that you may want to think twice about a confidentiality clause.

Three Things To Note About Injury Claims Against An Abusive Spouse

Getting a restraining order or filing a criminal complaint against your abusive partner may be smart moves, but they will not compensate for the losses triggered by the abuse. The only way to get restitution is to file a personal injury lawsuit, something that some states allow. Here are three things you should know before heading down that road: It Is Not For Protection Contacting a personal lawyer to instigate injury claims against an abusive spouse is not the first thing to do if your partner is abusing you.

Are There Alternatives To Taking Your Negligent Doctor To Court?

Going to court against your doctor in a medical malpractice case could be a risky move. The jury could decide in your doctor’s favor, which would leave you without compensation for the injuries you incurred from his or her negligence. Before heading to court, you and your attorney can possibly use an alternative method of settling the case to ensure that you get some sort of compensation. Here are two alternatives to consider.

Workers' Compensation Eligibility: Determining If An Injury Is Work-Related

In order to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you must have a work-related illness or injury. Of course, like many rules that seem simple on the surface, things get more complicated when money is involved. To know whether you’re eligible for benefits, you have to determine whether your injury is really “work-related” – which means knowing exactly what that phrase means. Location In order for an injury or illness to be work-related, you need to be able to argue that it happened either at work or during an activity that was part of your work.

Residual Functional Capacity: How Does It Affect The Outcome Of Your Disability Claim?

If the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies your disability claim because it fails to recognize your illness or physical impairment through a residual functional capacity exam, contact a disability lawyer right away. The administration uses residual functional capacity exams to determine the extent of your physical capabilities. If you can perform some type of employment, such as sitting down at a desk or working less hours in your current career, the SSA can refuse your first disability claim.

Dealing With Everyday Objects That May Constitute Attractive Nuisances

Attractive nuisances are dangerous conditions or objects that may attract children to your property, and harm them. Children are specifically mentioned because they are naturally curious and haven’t learned to recognize danger. Most people know this, but they assume that special conditions such as swimming pools, trampolines, and construction debris may attract and harm children. The reality is that there are many other everyday objects that fit this category. Here are a few examples and how to deal with them: