Who Pays For Injuries To Guests Visiting A Residential Property

One of the responsibilities of owning a home is having liability if a guest gets injured while they are visiting. The liability is even heavier on a homeowner when a guest is clearly injured due to something not being in good condition, such as the stairs or floor. If you are the victim of a residential injury that resulted from the negligence of the homeowner, they can be held liable even if you are refused compensation. For instance, if you want the homeowner to pay for your medical bill, a lawyer can help if the homeowner refuses to do so. A lawyer can confirm if the homeowner is actually liable, as well as help you with winning the dispute.

What Caused Your Injury to Occur?

When you were visiting the residential property, what happened during the moments right before you were injured? For example, were you drinking alcohol or doing any types of drugs? The reason your behavior before the injury is important is that it will help determine if your own negligence caused the injury. If you were drunk and not paying attention to a damaged stair or section of the floor as the owner asked you to, you might be at fault. A lawyer will assess your case from both your and the homeowner's perspective to figure out how strong your case is.

How Did the Homeowner React?

Did the homeowner immediately blame you for getting injured and say that they will not give you any money? If you were offered money, what was your reason for not accepting the offer? Being offered money shows signs that the homeowner knows that they are at fault, so your lawyer will need to know that information. The homeowner's reaction can also play a role in you getting additional money, such as if they called you names, cussed you out, or caused any other type of emotional distress. A lawyer can get you paid for several things surrounding the injury that you may not be aware of.

Are You Friends with the Homeowner?

If you and the homeowner are friends and you are worried about the impact of filing a personal injury lawsuit, it is an even bigger reason to hire a lawyer. Just because you feel as though you deserve to get paid, it does not mean that the legal process has to be stressful. A lawyer can take your friendship into consideration and attempt to obtain a settlement out of court. For example, a lawyer can speak to your friend about discussing everything via mediation for a more relaxed and cordial environment.

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