Plot Your Workers' Compensation Course

If you are suffering from a work-related accident, you may be about to embark on a process to secure benefits. Most jobs cover employees with workers' compensation insurance. This coverage usually extends to medical care, partial disability payments, and lump sum settlements for permanent injuries. Using workers' compensation insurance is more of a series of events than a single action. Plot your workers' compensation course by learning more below. 

Get Treated for Your Injury

It's vital to involve a doctor after a work injury. It's a requirement of workers' compensation insurance as well. At this point in the process, you can see whatever doctor you like. Later, you will be told who to use for your medical care. All specialists and surgeons must be referred by your main workers' compensation doctor. 

Inform Your Supervisor

This part of the process not only lets your employer know that you are injured but also should result in the filing of an injury claim. Your employer may be responsible for that, or the hurt worker might. Be careful to only sign a complete and accurate claim form, though. Messing this form up will result in a denial and delay in moving on to the next step.

Stay Home and Get Better

This part of the course may sound easy, but it can be filled with problems. The workers' compensation insurer should approve you for partial disability payments. If your payments are late, the wrong amount or you are not getting any payments at all, act quickly. If you are encountering problems with this part of the process, consider speaking to a workers' compensation lawyer. Having a lawyer to help can save time and cut through the red tape to get your benefits back on track. 

Ordered to Return to Work

You may be ready to go back to work and welcome the order from the doctor. However, not every worker is well enough to go back when ordered. Going back to a job when you are still affected by an injury is a very bad idea. You could make things worse or you could invalidate your current claim. You likely are entitled to an appeal and probably a second opinion as well. This may be a good time to speak to a workers' compensation lawyer.

You Are Permanently Disabled

It can be devastating to learn that your injury has caused you to be unable to work. Your first order of business, though, is to be paid a lump sum settlement that covers your income losses. Let a workers' compensation lawyer negotiate with the insurer in your case.