Is A Parking Garage Owner Responsible For My Slip And Fall Accident?

Driving a car can be dangerous, but you might not expect to become injured after you have parked your car in a parking garage. Then, as you walk to your next destination, you might fall and injure yourself. If this happens, the parking garage might be at fault for your injuries.

How to Get Started

To receive compensation for your slip and fall accident, you will need to prove that the owner of the parking garage was negligent and that this contributed to your accident. You may be able to prove this if you get in contact with a personal injury lawyer shortly after your accident.

After your slip and fall accident, you will want to take photographs of the scene of the accident as soon as possible. You will want to contact any witnesses who might have seen your accident. Then, you will want to report your accident to the building owner.

How to Prove Fault for a Premises Liability Case

To hold the owner of the parking garage responsible for your injuries, you will need to prove that they were negligent and that this led to your injuries. You might have slipped and fallen because of water or some other liquid that was spilled in the parking garage. You might have slipped on ice or snow that formed near the entrance of the parking garage.

Negligence for a Property Owner

A property owner is responsible for making sure that their building is safe for visitors. They must clean the property regularly and perform maintenance. However, the property will need to be in very bad condition for an extended period of time for the building owner to be held liable.

For example, if it has just recently snowed, you will need to prove that the snow created a hazard and that the property owner should have known that the hazard existed. You will then need to show that the property owner did not act fast enough and that your injuries were directly the result of the hazard.

After your accident, you will want to contact emergency medical services if you are seriously injured. Even if you are not seriously injured, you will want to be seen by a medical professional because your injuries might be more severe than you think. Then, your personal injury lawyer will be able to help you begin the process of seeking compensation for your injuries.