What to Do if You're Injured in a Falling Object Accident at a Grocery Store

Grocery stores have many aisles stocked with tons of different products. Most grocery store shelves are quite tall and have multiple levels where food and other products are stored. When grocery shopping, it is normal to simply reach for the product that you want to purchase and place it in your cart. However, if products are not stacked properly, or if a shelf is defective, it is possible for objects to fall, which can cause serious injuries.

If you are involved in a falling object accident and sustain injuries, you deserve compensation when the accident was caused by negligence on the behalf of the grocery store. Take the following steps if you are in this type of situation:

1. Take Photographs of the Accident Scene

After a falling object accident, it is always in your best interest to take photographs of the accident scene. Make sure that you take multiple photos from different angles. If you have any visible injuries, such as lacerations or immediate bruising, take photos of your injuries as well. Grocery stores are often busy with multiple shoppers in the aisles, so if there are any eyewitnesses to the accident, take the time to collect their contact information.

2. Don't Leave the Store Without Filing a Report with a Manager

When you have reason to believe that the grocery store is liable for the falling object accident, it is essential to file a written report with the manager on duty. The written report will serve as official documentation of the date, time, and details of the accident. After the report is completed by the manager, ask for your own copy to take with you.

3. Go See Your Doctor

Since falling object accidents can cause serious injuries, it is important to schedule a full exam with your doctor so your injuries can be evaluated and properly treated. Seeing a doctor shortly after the accident will also ensure that there is written proof outlining the injuries that you sustained at the grocery store.

4. Contact an Injury Lawyer

Falling object claims can be tricky, so you should not try to seek a settlement on your own. You are much better off hiring a skilled injury lawyer to represent you. Your injury lawyer will be able to figure out what your case is worth, collect the necessary evidence to prove that the grocery store is liable for the accident and your injuries, and then negotiate a settlement for you.