The Extent Of Your Injuries And Your Personal Injury Compensation

A personal injury claim must be supported by documentation. When you are hurt because of the negligence of someone else, you have to be able to prove the extent of your injuries. If you are awarded compensation for your injuries, the amount you receive is going to depend on how serious your injuries are and whether you are expected to recover or not. To prove your injuries, you have to go to medical providers who are going to carefully assess your condition and recommend treatment. As you progress in your healing, you will want to keep a record of all of your treatment and how you are feeling each day, and document your healing through pictures.

Taking Pictures of Your Injuries

It can help your personal injury claim to take pictures of your injuries if they are visible. As you heal, continue to take pictures to show your progress. This can help show the extent of your injuries and will document how long it has taken you to heal. 

Document How You Are Feeling

While it is an account written by you, document how you are feeling every day. This can help prove the pain and suffering you have gone through while in recovery. You should write down how your symptoms are, if you are feeling any improvement and note any appointments you have had.

Go to All Medical Appointments

When you are working with treatment providers after an injury, you have to listen to what they recommend. If you don't follow through with referrals to specialists, it will look like you aren't really hurt. The medical providers you see for your injuries are the people who will provide evidence as to the extent of your injuries and your ability to fully recover from them.

Be Honest With Providers

If you stop going to treatment because you don't think it's going to help, be honest with your treatment provider. Go to your appointment and express your frustration over continued symptoms. If you have a period of feeling better, be honest with your providers. The goal is for you to recover from your injuries by getting the treatment you need. Without your cooperation, it's not possible to give you treatment.

The extent of your injuries has a direct impact on your overall compensation. Work with your treatment team as you receive care, and document all of your medical visits, symptoms and injuries throughout the process. Talk to a personal injury attorney for further assistance.