Reasons To Pursue A Wrongful Death Case Against A Paddleboard Rental Company

Stand-up paddleboarding can be an enjoyable and healthy activity, but it's also one that has risks. Most notably, there's a risk of drowning each time that someone is out on the water. If you've had a loved one pass away as a result of drowning while paddleboarding, you may want to hire a wrongful death attorney to discuss whether you should bring legal action against the company that rented the victim the equipment. Wrongful death suits are emotionally taxing, but the idea that you're sticking up for your departed loved one can also provide a significant sense of satisfaction. Here are some factors that may precipitate filing this suit.

Unsafe Conditions

The wrongful death lawsuit might argue that the paddleboard company allowed your loved one to go out on the water, despite conditions being unsafe. For example, if a storm appeared to be in the distance—and the subsequent wind was a contributing factor to your loved one's drowning—your wrongful death attorney will attempt to hold the company responsible for not telling the victim that the conditions were unsafe. Testimony from others who were present during the storm can help to support this argument, as well.

Faulty Paddleboard

When someone rents a paddleboard, he or she trusts that the device is in good working condition, thus making it safe to use while out on the water. There's a chance that your family member or friend drowned as a result of the paddleboard not being in good repair, however. For example, if there was a crack that the company ignored and the crack expanded when the victim got out into the open water, causing the person to fall, then the crack could be a contributing factor to the drowning. Similarly, a paddle that was broken prior to renting it out to the victim may have prohibited the victim from controlling the paddleboard in a safe manner.

Inadequate Instruction

Many paddleboard companies want to ensure that those who rent their products are capable of performing this activity. In many cases, renters will need to fill out a waiver that indicates their level of experience with paddleboarding. If someone is a beginner, the company will often provide some instruction. However, if the victim had never been on a paddleboard prior to the incident and the company knew this but didn't attempt to provide any instruction, your wrongful death attorney may believe that the company is at least partly responsible for the death. Wrongful death law is an area of expertise best left to the professionals. You can contact an attorney's office for more information if you are interested in pursuing a lawsuit.