The Process Of Suing Someone After A Collision

Are you trying to get your life back on track after a traumatic collision with the driver of a semi-trailer truck? The best way is to make sure that you receive justice if the other party was found at fault for the collision. A lawyer can evaluate the incident and help you file a lawsuit to receive money that can go towards helping you recover. The information here will give you a general idea of what to expect after seeking assistance from a lawyer to handle your dispute.

Getting Started by Gathering Details of the Incident

Your lawyer will find out how strong your case is before he or she begins working on it. You will simply be asked a few questions about the incident, such as what you were doing when the collision happened. The lawyer will try to rule out any chance of the other party being able to claim that you are at fault, as the accident report can be contested. You will also be given the opportunity to tell the lawyer how the incident has changed your life.

Figuring Out Your Physical & Mental Medical Needs

Getting compensated for your medical needs is important, especially if you are expected to undergo long-term treatment. You don't want to end up being drowned in medical bills due to the other party's negligence. You can provide the lawyer with a detailed document from a physician that explains the type of treatment that you must receive. Keep in mind that you can also be compensated if the incident affected your mental health. Simply provide evidence that you have been seeing a psychologist or counselor.

Determining How Your Ability to Work Was Affected

If you were severely injured and can no longer work, you can get paid for it. Your lawyer will ask how the injury has interfered with your ability to work, as well as what you were getting paid before the collision happened. It is also likely that the lawyer will get professional advice from a vocational expert about your job and how your injury affects your ability to keep working in the same field.

Investigating the Other Party's Work Status

Before contacting the other party about your lawsuit, the lawyer will find out if he or she is the owner-operator of the truck. You can sue the driver personally, as well as his or her employer if he or she isn't an owner-operator. A truck accident lawyer like those at Master Weinstein Moyer PC can guide you in these matters so you can be compensated for your injuries.