Getting Legal Help After Suffering A Brain Injury From A Collision

Have you been struggling to recover from a collision with a semi-trailer that left you with a brain injury? A brain injury can cause you problems for the rest of your life. You might want to hire a lawyer to help you build your case so you can be compensated if you were not responsible for the accident. 

1. Finding Out if a Lawyer Will Accept the Case

You must keep in mind that lawyers will not typically accept all cases that are presented to them. A consultation is necessary for determining the strength of your argument. You have the option of consulting with a lawyer over the phone or in person. He or she will basically just ask questions about the collision, such as how it happened. You can also tell him or her about how the brain injury is affecting your life.

2. Determining the Other Party's Employment Status

If your case is strong and a lawyer accepts it, he or she will find out the employment status of the other party. For instance, the lawyer will determine it the semi-truck driver works for a corporation. If the driver is simply an owner-operator, you can only file a lawsuit against him or her. However, working for a corporation means that you can file the lawsuit against his or her employer as well.

3. Learning About the Severity of Your Injury

Because a brain injury can affect the body in numerous ways, your lawyer will need specific evidence to determine how much compensation you deserve. For instance, if the injury has caused you to have long-term partial paralysis, you can be compensated for any future medical bills stemming from the injury. The lawyer will need to know how the injury has affected your speech, mental state and physical ability to work.

4. Making Sure There is Sufficient Evidence

Before contacting the other party about the lawsuit, your lawyer will need you to give him or her evidence of your medical treatment. For instance, you can give the lawyer an official statement from your physician about your injury, as well as medical bills that have already been paid. It is also likely that the lawyer will speak to a vocational expert about how the injury affects your ability to continue working. Evidence proving that you are not at fault in the collision will also be gathered. Together with your auto accident attorney, you can use this evidence in your case to be compensated for your injuries.