Avoid These Mistakes After You Were In A Vehicle Accident

When you are involved in a car accident, it can be a very stressful and often traumatic time. While it is hard to think logically about the next important steps, try not to avoid some of these common mistakes people tend to make.

Not Gathering Your Own Evidence

While you might know that you need to contact a police officer who will write a detailed police report, this doesn't mean you shouldn't also gather your own evidence. If you are not seriously injured following the accident, exit the vehicle and gather as much evidence as you can. Get out your cell phone and start taking pictures of the scene in front of you. Take any pictures you believe are relevant, including pictures of the placement of all vehicles involved in the accident, damage on the vehicles, and anything nearby you believe contributed, such as a pothole in the ground or a sign that the other driver might not have seen. When you are able to, try to also get pictures of your own injuries, cuts, and bruises.

Admitting Guilt to the Police

You should be very careful what you say to the police officer who comes out to get the police report. When discussing the accident, all you should say are the facts about what you remember happening. Don't give a testimony, or statement about the accident, and don't make any mentions of being sorry for the accident. These minor statements are sometimes considered admissions of guilt which can be used against you alter on when the court is trying to figure out who is at fault.

Failing to See a Doctor

Another common mistake people make is not seeing a doctor because you don't believe your injuries are severe. Even if you just have some mild soreness of your ribs or a few bruises, doesn't mean there isn't something more serious going on. You need to get immediate treatment so the hospital can determine if you have internal injuries or if you might have signs of whiplash or neck injuries. It is also important because this documentation becomes proof of the medical costs and care needed as a result of the vehicle accident.

Assuming You Don't Need a Lawyer

It is a good idea to at least speak to an accident lawyer like Law Office of Bernard Bolanos, even if you don't think it will lead to a lawsuit. The lawyer can provide legal assistance from the very beginning, even with filing a claim with your insurance company and providing documentation that proves you are not at fault for the accident.